Gazettement notice


STEP 1 - Investment Enquiry or Letter of interest from proponent.

STEP 2 - Investor issued with Investment Project Proposal Form or Template.

STEP 3 – Submission by the client of the complete application Package that includes: -

a.      SEZA Investment Project Proposal Form;

b.      A Feasibility Study Report highlighting: -

                                i.            Market Demand Analysis,

                               ii.            Schematic Master Plan,

                             iii.            Economic Impact Assessment,

                             iv.            Strategic Environmental Social-Impact Assessment or SEA

c.       Copy of title deed(s);

·         Unencumbered land titles (contested title)

d.      Project Description

·         Schematic Masterplan/land use plan

·         Development Plan and Timetable to include Perspective Drawings

e.      Statutory Documentation which include: -

·         Certificate of Incorporation, Form CR12, Copy of PIN, KRA Tax Compliance Certificate and Audited Financial Statements for the last 3 years.

STEP 4 – Project evaluation upon submission of all required documents and payment of Application Fee at US $ 150.

STEP 5 – Land search and site evaluation by the Authority to assess the proposed SEZ land.

STEP 6- Submission of appraised projects to the SEZA Board for Recommendation or Deferment.

STEP 7 – Advice proponent on Approval, re-submission for additional information and or Decline of SEZ Designation Recommendation.

STEP 8 - Submission of Recommended SEZ Designation to C.S for either Approval or advice.

STEP 9 – Advice Proponent on Approval or Rejection of the Recommendation to the C.S.

STEP 10 – Designation of area as an SEZ kicks into effect declaration of land as an SEZ through a Gazette Notice.

STEP 11 – Issuance of Developer License upon application and evaluation and payment of annual license fee of US $ 5000.

STEP 12 – Operationalization and Regulation of SEZ.