Investment Opportunities

Manufacturing Sector Investment Opportunities

Heavy industries

Exploration, exploitation & production of coal, oil & gas and minerals deposits in joint ventures with the government of Kenya

Manufacture of construction materials & equipment

Scalable low-cost construction technology & modern innovative building technologies

Textiles & Apparel Production

90% of the fabric used in Kenya's apparel sector is imported. There is therefore a great opportunity for import substitution through local production.

ICT products & Services 

Local consumer and light electronics assembly


Agro-processing opportunities

Local value addition for tea, coffee, meat, dairy, fruits, nuts & oils, fish, feed mills, warehousing and cold chains

Leather processing

Processing of finished leather and leather goods, substituting approximately USD 86M in shoe imports yearly

Affordable Housing Investment Opportunities

Scalable low-cost construction technology and modern innovative building technologies

Industrial Park development and setting up factories for Industrial Building Systems (IBS) for timely delivery of construction inputs

Financing of affordable homes, investments in the housing fund, provision of affordable long-term Tenant Purchase Schemes ( TPS)

Scalable low-cost construction technology & modern innovative building technologies

Construction and operation of social and commercial amenities within developments

Engage in joint ventures with county governments towards delivery of affordable housing in respective counties and in urban planning

Food & Nutrition Security Investment Opportunities

Large-scale commercial agricultural production

 Fisheries (aquaculture), Crop production, Orchards, Animal products (dairy & meat)

Production of agricultural inputs

Local manufacture, distribution & direct sales of fertilizers, high quality animals feeds, pesticides, certified crop seeds, livestock feed mills & animal brood stock

Agricultural equipment

Leasing, directs sales & operation of warehousing, cold store chains, driers, storage & handling equipment, tractors, trans-planters, combined harvesters, weeders & irrigation equipment

Agriculture support service

Dairy processing and cold chain development, provision of crops and animal insurance services


Universal Health Coverage Investment Opportunities

Private healthcare facilities and services

Enhance low-cost private insurance coverage and schemes

Digitization of healthcare e.g., supply chain telemedicine

Provision of medical commodities and equipment